Virtual Reality meets Football : New England Patriots & Google Cardboard

December 7, 2015
by ZION Admin

Original article at TechCrunch : Click Here

The Google Cardboard team has teamed up with Bank Of America and Visa to bring a new VR experience to Android and iOS. The subject is the New England Patriots and you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a practice they participate in.

To go along with the new experience, 10,000 customized Cardboard viewers are being handed out to fans at Gillette Stadium. This is yet another Cardboard giveaway meant to bring virtual reality front and center to the types of folks who could eventually be converted into VR believers. Think the New York Times giveaway.

Here’s the 360 degree video experience, you can use your mouse to manipulate the video to see what’s happening in all directions…or grab a Google Cardboard to view it (the new Samsung Gear VR browser will show it off quite nicely, too):


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