Google Places for Business is now Google My Business

Google has rolled out Google My Business which will replace Google Places for Business. Google My Business combines several of Google’s business tools, including Google+ Business pages and Google Places for Business, in to one convenient location. This new all-in-one tool allows business owners to share pictures, post promotions, and connect with their customers with ease.

With Google My Business, business owners will be able to update their phone number, business location or service area, hours of operation, business description, and website URL once and the changes will take effect in all of the tools linked to the My Business account. With the convenience of having these important details in one, easy to manage location, it will unsure that no matter how customers find the information, it will always be correct.

Business owners will also be able to manage their businesses Google+ page from within their Google My Business account. They will be able to connect with their customers by sharing product photos, promotion announcements, and business news. Business Google+ pages will have a follow button so that fans of a business will easily be able to receive the updates posted to the Google+ page.

Because Google My Business has many of Google’s business tools available in one account, business owners will have access to the business reviews  posted by their customers. Owners will have the opportunity to respond to the reviews posted about their business and gain customer loyalty.

Through the Google My Business dashboard, business owners will have access to their Insights. Here owners will be able to view how many views their business profiles and posts had, how many click to their website and directions they had, and even the area where the customers requested driving directions from. This handy tool will help business owners know their customer flow how to better reach those customers.

Like Google Places for Business, Google My Business accounts are free to anyone with a business.  Google Places for Business account holders will be automatically converted to a Google My Business account. Business owners with more than ten business location will be able to use Google My Business Locations to access and edit all of their business locations.


Historically, and in a variety of ancient writings, ZION has referred to fortresses, castles, towers, citadels and temples. The commonly understood inference is that ZION is a “safe place” where one can go to feel secure, protected and cared for.

Using the word ZION in our name symbolizes the fact that our clients finally feel like they’ve “come home” when they find us. Their previous frustrations and fears fade away as they come to realize that the only values we understand are excellence, integrity and reliability. We go the extra mile for our clients, and in turn, they enthusiastically recommend us to their colleagues and friends.

We are dedicated to conducting business in a way that is transparent, honest & honorable, and adhering to these principles is paramount when dealing with our clients. Our Philosophy reflects our commitment to these principles.